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Step 3: College Orientation 
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Step 5: Education Plan
Step 6: Official Transcripts
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Need help?

Contact the friendly Admissions Office staff if you have questions about adding or dropping classes, or filing for pass/no pass.

The Assessment Testing Office administers tests to help you select appropriate courses or satisfy pre-requisites.

International students should start by visiting our Information for International Students.

Modesto Junior College

Print Logos

The MJC Swish logo may be displayed in black or Reflex Blue ink only. The MJC Swish cannot be used smaller than 1.5 inches in width. For questions please contact Linda Hoile, Marketing & Public Relations Officer, at x6866.

If you have a publication that will be distributed outside of MJC you will need to have it approved through the Public Information Office at x6866. 

The MJC Swish Logo is saved as an Adobe Illustrator Encapsulated Post Script (EPS.) format which is the best quality for sizing, printing and duplicating through our Reprographics Department. This format does not always work with all software versions and/or desktop printers however, so below we have listed some different versions and formats of the MJC Swish Logo with instructions for best usage for your convenience.

MJC Swish. Will place in Adobe Software and Windows 2000 or higher versions and will hold a clipping path on desktop postscript printers. To use: save logo to a folder on your computer. File, Place (or import) the MJC Swish from this folder.

MJC Swish 7. This works best for Windows 98 users (Word and Publisher) and will hold a clipping path on desktop postscript printers.

To use: save logo to a folder on your computer. Open Word/Publisher and Insert, Picture, From File. Find the MJC Swish 7 from this folder and insert.

For non-postscript desktop printers. A TIFF. format is recommended for those who will be printing to their own desktop printers that are not a postscript printer. TIFF. formats do not allow for quality clipping paths which knock out the background. It will have a white box around it if you try to place onto a color background. This format would be best used on a white background.

To use: File, Place (or import) in Adobe or Insert, Picture in Windows.

If after trying the above recommendations without satisfactory results, or if you have special needs for promotional items please contact one of the following persons below to better assist you.

Printing Needs
Irene Nunez x6389 
Sherri Potts x6472
Monika Schortner x7990

Web needs
Joshua Sigman x6234

 MJC Blue Logo 

Download MJC Blue Swish
EPS Format, 340 kb

Download MJC Blue Swish 7
EPS Format, 289 kb

Download MJC Blue Swish
TIFF Format, 2.5 mb

MJC Logo Black

Download MJC Gray Swish
EPS Format, 945 kb

Download MJC Gray Swish 7
EPS Format, 505 kb

Download MJC Gray Swish
TIFF Format, 357 kb

MJC Logo on Black

Download MJC White Letter Swish
EPS Format, 945 kb

Download MJC White Letter Swish 7
EPS Format, 505 kb