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Modesto Junior College

News Releases

A news release is a short information document that informs reporters and editors, and by extension, their readers, about an event, new program, award or other type of news occurring at Modesto Junior College. Once received, each individual reporter or editor determines if the information in the news release is of interest to readers. This is not a paid advertisement, so there is no guarantee or obligation that a news release will be used by reporters or editors.

Critical factors that can help make a press release effective/more likely to be used include timing/ timeliness (submitting in plenty of time for it to be considered for publication), and ensuring the content is news worthy. (Is this something new or is it just “business as usual”? Does it speak to or tie in with a community need, a current local issue or trending topic on a statewide or national level?)

Press releases are usually brief, factual and objective. However, they can contain subjective statements as quotes from a faculty member, administrator or other contact person. Required material for a press release includes the “who, what, where, when and why” information. Relevant and compelling statistics that support the need for the particular program, activity, class, or event being promoted are also desirable inclusions to a news release.

Submit your request for a news release via email to at least three weeks prior to the day of your event, deadline for enrollment, start of a new program, etc. The Marketing & Public Relations Officer will write the release, email it to you for proofing and final edits, and once approved will email/distribute the news release to print and broadcast media sources in the Stanislaus County Area.

News release requests should include the following information:
  • Event title
  • Phone number and email for event coordinator
  • Day and date of event
  • Start time of event (and end time if relevant)
  • Location of event (building and room number or outdoor area)
  • Ticket prices and how tickets are to be purchased
  • Who is sponsoring the event
  • A brief description of the event, program or activity
  • Name, phone number, email or website to obtain more information
  • Contact person for reporter follow-up
Additional information that is helpful but not required:
  • One sentence that describes the type of person who will benefit from attending
  • One-sentence that answers why someone should attend this event
  • How proceeds will be used

You can request that your press release be posted to the “News” section of the MJC homepage. There is space for only six news stories to rotate on the homepage, requiring some items be delayed until a week or two prior to an event or activity.