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Modesto Junior College

Alternate Media Policy

Alternate Media Procedures and Policies

1.   Eligibility for this service is determined by the Disabled Students Programs & Services (DSPS) Counselors and is based in part on the professional documentation provided by the student.

2.   Alternate media must be requested each semester as needed. The appropriate request form must be filled out and signed. The form is available in the Student Services Building, Room 114. A student may place a request for alternate media for an upcoming class for which they are registered before purchasing or renting the required textbook(s).

3.   When picking up materials in alternative formats the student must show proof of purchase or rental of the textbook(s). If textbook is bought from another individual, the seller must give the student a receipt with their name, phone number, and book title and edition. Students who rent their textbook(s) must show proof of rental and return the alternate media at the end of the semester.

4.   Requests for materials in alternative format will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Once a request is made, preference will be given to the format specified by the student. However, the recommendation of DSPS professionals will be used in determining the specific media format for each academic course.

5.   We recommend that requests for alternate media are submitted as soon as the student registers for classes. Late requests will be honored provided that the student making the request understands that the Alternate Media Access Specialist will set the timeline for completion of the work accordingly. Please bring a copy of the syllabi for your courses to provide materials in a timely manner.

6.   Turnaround times for alternative format requests are determined on a case-by-case basis. It typically takes about two weeks to process materials. The Alternate Media Access Specialist will notify the student of the projected completion date. Alternate Media Production will make every effort to complete the request in a timely manner.

7.   Student will not copy or reproduce any material provided by Alternate Media Production, nor allow anyone else to do so. This is a copyright violation. Misuse of this material may result in disciplinary action by Modesto Junior College.

8.   Students who qualify will be provided with a special alternative format for materials required for academic use. These electronic files are copyrighted and exclusively for use by persons with disabilities and may not be reproduced or distributed.

9.   Student questions regarding alternative formats should be addressed to Claudia Mery,

      Phone: (209) 575-6862, e-mail address:

10. Complaints regarding the provision of information in alternate media should be referred to the Disability Services Program Specialist, Leticia Castillo, phone: (209) 575-6226, e-mail address:

Disability Services & Programs for Students (DSPS)


(209) 575-6225
(209) 575-6852


East Campus
Student Services
Room 112

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